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How to Pick the Perfect Plotter For Your Needs

If you found your way to this blog post, you are probably looking for a new plotter! Whether this is your first piece of equipment or you're looking to upgrade, you’ve probably noticed that on the web there aren’t a lot of consumer reviews or expert opinions. I hope to end that problem and provide [...]

Plotters – The Office Game Changer

You may or may not know that on top of our normal product offering of office supplies, we also sell plotters. What’s a plotter you ask? A plotter is essentially an extra wide printer. They range from 24” to 60” in size. You may be wondering why the heck you would want one of these […]

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Concentrated Chemicals for Big Time Savings

  Buying cleaning products isn’t all that exciting, but like most things in this world, there are good ways to do it and bad ways to do it. Even if you’re a small office, you can save a lot of money by buying concentrated chemicals that you mix with water. Now, you may doing this […]

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Total Annihilation. Target: Germs.

It’s flu season. There are a lot of hands on doorknobs, railings, handles, etc., so you do a quick run-through a few times a day with your favorite brand of disinfecting wipes. You’re all good right? The answer is maybe—but probably not. First of all, there’s a big difference between sanitizing and disinfecting. According to […]

GOJO vs Dial

Saving Time (and Money) with GOJO

Have you ever thought about how much money you could save by switching from liquid soap to foam soap? Of course you haven’t. No one lies awake at night thinking, “Gee, I wonder how many pumps of soap everyone took today?” Even so, there is some merit to analyzing it from time to time. In […]

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Getting down and dirty with cleaning supplies

  Last week, I had the pleasure of traveling down to Baltimore with my father to do some down and dirty training on cleaning supplies. When I say down and dirty, I mean down and dirty. We got hands-on training by cleaning bathrooms, stripping a breakroom floor, and using a carpet extractor. We also were […]


Picking the Perfect Promotional Item

Who doesn’t love an awesome freebie? Come on, you know you snag one (or five) free pens every chance you get. We all do it! What happens after that though? Often times, they get thrown into a mug at home, and you only use them for keeping score in Yahtzee!. Promotional items are important to your business. […]

Product Spotlight: PROXI Spray and Walk Away

We’ve all been there. The coffee mug slips out of your hand, proceeds to fall in slow motion, and finally crashes to the floor, spewing that lovely black substance everywhere. You’ve left an enormous stain on that already not very clean carpet. Now you’re running to the bathroom or kitchen, grabbing a fistful of paper towels […]


Buying Local – Yes, It Matters!!

You’d have to be living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean to not be inundated with “Buy Local” campaigns and propaganda. It’s on nearly every street corner, website, community board and business card. And really, who doesn’t want to support the local company in their heart of hearts? When I’m trying to […]