RMC Glass Cleaner


Buying cleaning products isn’t all that exciting, but like most things in this world, there are good ways to do it and bad ways to do it. Even if you’re a small office, you can save a lot of money by buying concentrated chemicals that you mix with water. Now, you may doing this already, but it’s very possible you’re doing it wrong.

The proportion of water to chemicals is very important in getting the desired outcome, so if you’re just “eyeing it up,” odds are you’re either using too much or too little chemical in your solution. Too much chemical in a floor cleaner, for example, could cause your floor to become sticky. Too little and it doesn’t clean properly! And let’s be honest, who really wants to take the time to measure out the proper amount of chemical to use? Well, you really don’t have to. Our friends at the Rochester Midland Corporation developed different options for you depending on your usage that ensure you get the proper amount of chemical to water ratio every time, and it’s available in a wide variety of cleaning products.

Before I get into the money-saving awesomeness, you should know that Rochester Midland products are all manufactured to the highest standards, and almost all of their products are either Green Seal Certified or meet the standards of EcoLogo. If you have a Green Initiative and you care about what kind of products you’re using to clean your facility, it really doesn’t get any better than RMC. Ok, now we can begin.

If you’re a low-usage office, they have a handy Enviro Mix container. You simply squeeze the bottle and it fills up a smaller chamber with an easy-to-read marker so you know exactly when you have the right amount of solution. Then you dump it into one of their silk screen bottles (to meet OSHA compliance) and fill it with water, and voila. You’re ready to roll. Mixing your solutions this way will get you down to under $.40 for a quart of window cleaner. Yup, you’re reading that right. Forty cents.

For larger offices, there is RMC’s EZ Mix system. This uses a special dispenser (included in each carton you buy) that connects to a hose, and automatically dilutes the chemical as you fill up your bucket or silk screen bottle. It puts the perfect amount of cheRMC Dispensermical and water to give you the perfectly mixed solution. It’s like a portable version of a wall mounted dilution system. All you need is a quick connect hose and you can use this anywhere you have a hose or sink to connect it to. With this system you’re down to $.16 per quart.

They also sell a Snap! system for those of you who have supply closets with water hook ups, and they can be awesome for folks who want a central location for all of their solutions.

If you’re buying quarts of pre-mixed chemicals, it’s time for a better solution. Check out all of these awesome products that you can help you save money and keep your facility squeaky clean. For your reference, I’ve linked each product with the Enviro Mix (low usage), EZ Mix (higher usage), and its compatible silk screen bottle when available. Happy cleaning and happy saving!

Proxi Multi-purpose – EZ MixSilk Screen Bottle

Enviro Care Tough Job – Enviro MixEZ MixSilk Screen Bottle

Enviro Care Washroom Cleaner – Enviro MixEZ Mix

Enviro Care Low Foam All Purpose Cleaner – EZ MixSilk Screen Bottle

Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant – Enviro MixEZ MixSilk Screen Bottle

Enviro Care Glass Cleaner – Enviro MixEZ MixSilk Screen Bottle

Perfecto 7 – EZ Mix

Non Acid Cleaner Disinfectant – EZ MixSilk Screen Bottle

DfE Sabre – EZ Mix