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Typhoon H+ RTF in Backpack w/Realsense, ST16S, C23, 2 Batteries (US plug)

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Additional Information

Intelligent Flight with Intel

Intel RealSense Technology
The Typhoon H Plus utilizes Intel’s RealSense R200 camera and an Intel Atom processor to build a 3D model of the Typhoon’s surroundings in real-time while in flight. Intel’s RealSense Technology uses this 3D data to detect obstacles and navigate around them, keeping the Typhoon safe and providing you with increased filmmaking freedom. Intel RealSense is also programmed to work seamlessly with the Follow Me mode, keeping the main camera trained on the action, while the R200 avoids any hazards along the way.

Smart Control Included

ST16S Ground Station
Keep your smartphone in your pocket and use the Android-powered controller to pilot the Typhoon and display real-time footage on its built-in 7″ touch screen. You can use the ST16S to activate autonomous flight modes, take full manual control, access flight telemetry, and even browse the internet.

Intelligent Flight Modes

Orbit Me
Typhoon H Plus flies a circular path around you, keeping the camera trained on you the whole time.

Point of Interest
Select a subject and Typhoon H Plus will orbit that subject autonomously.

Typhoon H Plus will go up and out, as far as 150′, and capture the perfect aerial selfie.

Curve Cable Cam
Easily program an invisible route for Typhoon H Plus to fly along. Typhoon H will fly between pre-set coordinates while independently controlling camera position.

Follow Me / Watch Me
Follow Me ensures Typhoon H Plus moves along with you, while Watch Me tells Typhoon H to follow you while always pointing the camera at you wherever you go. When in Follow Me mode, Intel’s R200 camera and RealSense Technology keeps track of the environment and will actively avoid any obstacles.