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Printer pods – stretch your legs to stretch your budget

How many of your employees have their own desktop printer sitting on top of their desk? Everyone? Maybe one out of every three or so? No matter the number, the answer is probably “too many.” Sure, there are many arguments for the desktop printer: it’s incredibly convenient, it insures privacy, etc. On the flip side, […]


Give your office a facelift

According to Gallup, Americans that are employed full time report working an average of 47 hours per week, with 39% putting in at least 50 hours per week.1 With us spending so much time at work, and many of us spending that time in our offices rather than out on the road, the way we […]


Welcome to our new site!

Greetings all! Richter’s is excited to announce that we have just launched a brand new, mobile responsive website. We’ve taken this opportunity to completely revamp our website, and we’re very happy with the new look. Now you can have an excellent experience on your smartphone or tablet as well as on your computer! Please note [...]